Otii Battery Analytics and Validation

Otii Battery Analytics and Validation

The ultimate solution for battery testing and validation. Powerful, configurable and easy to use.

Otii Battery Validation Analytics and Validation combines the power of Otii hardware and the smartness and flexibility of Otii software to offer the most configurable and easy-to-use solution for testing and validating battery cells and packs.

Use cases: 

  • validation of battery performance in product development 
  • profiling of battery behaviour during charging and discharging
  • profiling of battery behaviour for customized charge/discharge cycles
  • cycling of batteries for capacity loss analysis
  • incoming inspection of battery cells and packs
  • battery brand qualification for device volume production
  • battery manufacturer brand/batch qualification for second sourcing

Feature highlights

Powerful and cost efficient scalability

Battery batch validation may require a certain number of batteries to be measured whereas the benchmark and the qualification demand another set. Our solution offers flexibility in building the number of measurement units for your purpose.

Scale the number of units with the need and task. Reconfigure easily and fast. 

Build your own realistic discharge/charge profiles

Our solution offers the most flexible way of validating the battery performance for a specific, realistic device behavior. 

Build your profile by combining different types of states: discharge, sleep and charge. 

For discharge, you have the flexibility to set several sub-steps. Choose from discharging at constant current, power or resistance. 

Get the most out of the batteries. 

Cycle the batteries

Cycle the batteries to validate how many complete charges and discharges a rechargeable battery can undergo before it degrades below an acceptable level.

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